This publication for printing

The publication contained in this web can be made available as document ready for print. The publication can be delivered in English, German, French and Italian, in PageMaker and/or PDF (for Adobe Acrobat Reader) format. The size can be either A4 or A5 in portrait orientation.
In PDF format, the table of contents is created such that the single chapters can be accessed directly via a built-in hyperlink.
All images contained in the document can also be delivered as separate GIF and JPEG files.

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Translation services

I can offer my services for technical translations, from and to English, German, French and Italian.
I spent several years creating and writing technical documentations and programming manuals in the four mentioned languages.
I pretend not to make simple translations of available texts, but to try and understand the information which must be transmitted, reading the delivered material in its original language and writing it again in the requested language. The resulting document can therefore assume a different length relative to the original, but the important information is in any case maintained.
The resulting documents can be either in MS Word or Adobe PageMaker, to be easily converted into PDF files. The original document can also be accepted and delivered in simple text format, to be included in other document formats. If the source document contains particular formatting of paragraphs or other sections, these will be fully maintained. In most cases the result is a document ready to be printed.
The proofing tools for all four languages are available, to ensure as far as possible that the resulting document is free of spelling errors.
Graphic elements which might be included in the document and which require adaptation to the new language can also be treated by means of various tools (all images contained in this web were created or adapted by myself).

These works can be executed in a very short delay and to interesting conditions.

For further information please contact me via E-Mail: